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Guardian Angel Pro

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£249.00 (inc. VAT)

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Note: Subscription required for a tracker to operate.

Free Installation

We offer free installation anywhere in the UK, ensuring your vehicle is securely hardwired and trackable in just minutes

Global Coverage

Our trackers transcend borders, offering extensive global coverage to protect your vehicle, regardless of your location worldwide

96% Recovery Rate

Bank on our trackers’ remarkable 96% recovery rate, underlining their reliability in ensuring your vehicle’s safety.”

Advanced Immobilisation

Hardwired Installation

The Guardian Angel Pro ensures security through its hardwired installation. The device, hidden from view, works quietly and efficiently, securing your vehicle continuously.

vehicle insurance

European Boundaries? Not a Problem

With standard coverage across Europe, Guardian Angel Pro ensures your vehicle’s protection extends beyond your local boundaries. Drive confidently, knowing your vehicle’s location and status are securely monitored, no matter where in Europe you are.

Precise Location

Increased Security & Cost Savings

Why pay more for insurance when you can invest in prevention? The Guardian Angel Pro, a Thatcham Approved category S7 tracker, offers the potential for lower insurance premiums. It’s not just a tracking device – it’s a wise investment

Steadfast & Reliable

Guardian trackers work seamlessly in all conditions, offering you unwavering security, eliminating the concern of your safety coverage cutting off unexpectedly

Route History

Guardain Play enable you to revisit every route taken, storing the full history of your journeys for complete transparency

Alerts & Notifications

You can revisit every route taken, storing the full history of your journeys for complete transparency

Weather resistant

Our trackers enable you to revisit every route taken, storing the full history of your journeys for complete transparency

Made In Britain Factory Worker

Made In Britain

Made in Britain signifies adherence to the highest standards of manufacturing quality and craftsmanship.

Support Your Local Businesses

By choosing our locally made trackers, you're supporting UK industries and contributing to job creation and economic growth.

Innovation and Sophistication

British manufacturing is synonymous with innovative and sophisticated technology, features that are ingrained in our trackers.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Local manufacturing minimizes transportation, leading to a smaller carbon footprint of our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Thatcham approved tracker is a vehicle tracking device that has been tested and certified by Thatcham Research, a respected and independent testing body in the UK that works closely with the automotive industry. Thatcham-approved trackers meet strict quality and performance standards, offering a high level of reliability and effectiveness. Having a Thatcham-approved tracker can potentially lower your car insurance premiums as it offers additional security.

Cat 5 trackers are the highest specification trackers available. They offer the features of lower categories plus the ability to remotely immobilize a vehicle. Cat 5 trackers are typically required for high-end and luxury vehicles.

On the other hand, Cat 7 trackers (also known as Cat S7) are a lower-tier category, offering a solid level of security but without the advanced features of Cat 5. Cat 7 trackers can provide GPS/GSM tracking and will alert if the vehicle is moved without the ignition being turned on.

A Category 5 tracker is the highest specification vehicle tracking device approved by Thatcham. It offers a range of high-end security features, including GPS location tracking, GSM communication, motion sensing, and the ability to remotely immobilize the vehicle. These trackers also typically require driver recognition cards, which must be present when starting the vehicle, further securing the vehicle against theft.

Knowing whether your car has a tracker for insurance purposes can depend on several factors. If you’ve purchased a vehicle that already has a tracker installed, the seller may inform you. If you’re unsure, you can have your car inspected by a professional.

If you’re a client of Arch Angel Tracker, we provide clear documentation and instructions when we install a tracking device in your car. This documentation can be used as proof of installation for your insurance company. Please note that the tracker should be Thatcham-approved for most insurance companies to consider it in their coverage calculation.

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Arch Angels 100% satisfaction guarantee

Test out the Guardian Angel Pro. If you aren’t 100% happy, call us within 14 days for a full refund and let us pay for return shipping

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