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Guardian Angel Play

Guardian Angel Play

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Simple Setup

Experience lightning-fast setup with our plug-and-play device, designed to get your vehicle secure and trackable in mere minutes.”

Global Coverage

Our trackers transcend borders, offering extensive global coverage to protect your vehicle, regardless of your location worldwide

96% Recovery Rate

Bank on our trackers’ remarkable 96% recovery rate, underlining their reliability in ensuring your vehicle’s safety.”

Car theft

Your Vehicle's Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel trackers are your vehicle’s steadfast protector, delivering precise location tracking globally under all circumstances. Journey confidently, knowing your vehicle is secured

vehicle insurance

Stop Car Theft in Its Tracks with Arch Angel

Our Guardian Angel trackers have a proven record of stopping thieves cold, boasting a remarkable 96% vehicle recovery rate. Security and peace of mind are our promise to you

vehicle insurance
Advanced Immobilisation

Simple Installation

In just a 5-minute installation, Guardian Angel Plug offers a shield of protection for your car. Experience effortless security at its finest.”

Steadfast & Reliable

Guardian trackers work seamlessly in all conditions, offering you unwavering security, eliminating the concern of your safety coverage cutting off unexpectedly

Route History

Guardain Play enable you to revisit every route taken, storing the full history of your journeys for complete transparency

Alerts & Notifications

You can revisit every route taken, storing the full history of your journeys for complete transparency

Weather resistant

Our trackers enable you to revisit every route taken, storing the full history of your journeys for complete transparency

Made In Britain Factory Worker

Made In Britain

Made in Britain signifies adherence to the highest standards of manufacturing quality and craftsmanship.

Support Your Local Businesses

By choosing our locally made trackers, you're supporting UK industries and contributing to job creation and economic growth.

Innovation and Sophistication

British manufacturing is synonymous with innovative and sophisticated technology, features that are ingrained in our trackers.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Local manufacturing minimizes transportation, leading to a smaller carbon footprint of our products.

Need a Hand in Choosing the Right Tracker for Your Vehicle?

Why settle for less when you can have the perfect fit? Our Guardian trackers are designed to provide exactly what you’re seeking: precise, reliable tracking that caters to your vehicle’s unique requirements

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Frequently Asked Questions

Car trackers can be installed in various locations, depending on the type of tracker and its purpose. Some trackers are designed to be plugged into the OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port of a vehicle. This port is usually located under the dashboard on the driver’s side of the car. However, professional-grade trackers, like those used by Arch Angel Tracker, are typically hardwired to the vehicle’s power source by a professional installer and can be concealed in various locations to avoid detection.

Plug-in trackers work by connecting to the vehicle’s OBD port. This port provides the tracker with power and allows it to monitor various vehicle data. These trackers typically use GPS technology to record the location of the vehicle and may use cellular or satellite networks to transmit this data to a server. The owner can then access this information via a website or app.

As an ethical company, Arch Angel Tracker does not condone or support the use of tracking devices without the knowledge and consent of the vehicle owner. In many jurisdictions, it’s illegal to track a vehicle without the owner’s consent. We strongly advise against attempting to do this. Instead, we encourage open communication and consent when it comes to vehicle tracking.

Yes, you can fit a tracker to an electric car. The process of installing a tracker on an electric vehicle is largely the same as installing it on a conventional car. At Arch Angel Tracker, our skilled technicians are trained to install trackers on a wide range of vehicle types, including electric cars. The only consideration is that the tracker should be installed in a way that doesn’t interfere with the vehicle’s electrical systems.

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Test out the Guardian Angel Play. If you aren’t 100% happy, call us within 14 days for a full refund and let us pay for return shipping.

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